They Ate My Tailor!


Spn AU: when 2013!Dean touches one of the strange devices he found in a MOL box, his timeline gets all mixed up and different versions of himself from the past show up.

(Original gifs are not mine!)

I need someone to do this please? ??

#so much pain in his expression


yo mama jokes don’t work very well here




It’s back

this is still fucking hilarious, you stupid woman.

Phillip’s face tho



Avengers AU - S.H.I.E.L.D detains superheroes rather than working with them.

└ You want to know what went wrong? How this, breakout could have been prevented? Lets start with the prisoners. I mean, who would bring those people together and not expect what happened? Maybe it’s for the best they escaped. Look around, the world is falling apart and we’re hoarding our best chance at salvation. Hiding them in deep dark corners because we’re so afraid of them; afraid that they’re the monsters our parents told us about at night.  Take a look in the mirror, the real monsters are staring back.

This is the coolest fucking thing i’ve ever seen.